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With significantly more vitamin and supplement products now being purchased online or via mail order, a slimline packaging solution that enables simple, cost-effective mailbox delivery of these products is now freely available in the UK through J&J Pont Packaging.

Manufactured in HDPE and available in 120ml and 275ml sizes, Pont Pack was recently developed by Pont Packaging specifically for this market.  Its main function is to fit through a letter box where standard bottle or jar packages could not.  In the UK, its size is classed by the Royal Mail as a 'large letter' rather than a 'small package', enabling significant savings in postal charges for an online or mail order supplier.

Pont Pack, which is also available as a liquid version, not only reduces packaging costs for manufacturers and their customers but also enables more reliable and efficient distribution, eliminating the uncertainty and, at times, inconvenience of bulky parcel delivery.

Pont Pack is the latest addition to J&J Pont Packaging's range of packaging containers, closures and accessories specifically designed for the growing vitamins, supplements and dietary products market.

For samples or additional information on the range please contact the sales team.

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