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Twincap: The ultimate infusion system

  • Pont Europe
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Designed by Pont, the TWINCAP is the ultimate solution when it comes to protecting your pre-mix solution for drinks and ensure a longer shelve life. 

This patented system offers a 7ml air-tight chamber, suitable for granules, powders or liquids, making it an ideal solution for sport and health nutrition markets.

Top Part
- Thanks to its smart design, the TWINCAP infusion system offers
 an easy to fill 7ml chamber.

IHS Liner
- The liner offers a perfect airtight environment for preserving the integrity or effectiveness of any of the ingredients (granules, powders or liquids).

Bottom Part
- The specific design of the system ensures a clean opening of the IHS liner for a complete release of the ingredients while avoiding the liner to fall down into the bottle.

- Thanks to its double Tamper Evident band security, TWINCAP ensures a proof of first opening and a perfect product integrity.

The future of dosing cap starts here...

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