Aligning Sprays with the Stars: Exploring Silgan’s Fragrance Pump Portfolio Through Astrology

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Whether you find yourself drawn to the voluminous mist of Maestro Extravagant or the refined elegance of Melodie Delicate, Silgan Dispensing's portfolio offers a spray for every personality and preference. For Fragrance Week, discover the best fragrance pump to influence mood and deliver a deep personal familiarity for your customers.

Aries- Maestro Extravagant®

Exceptionally voluminous spray mist

Aries individuals are often associated with energy and boldness. The exceptionally voluminous spray mist of Maestro Extravagant complements Aries' dynamic and indulgent nature.

Taurus- Melodie Forever®

Prolonged, fine atomization

Taurus appreciates sensual experiences, and the prolonged, fine atomization of Melodie Forever aligns with Taurus' desire for luxurious and tactile experiences.

Gemini- Maestro®

Versatile, reliable pump with a prestigious finish

Geminis are known for their adaptability and versatility. The versatile and reliable nature of Maestro aligns with Gemini's diverse and dynamic characteristics.

Cancer- Aspire®

Soft, smooth actuation; fine, consistent atomization; sleek design

Cancers are known for their nurturing and sentimental nature. Aspire, with its soft, smooth actuation and the ability to make lifestyle fragrances feel more premium, aligns with Cancer's desire for a product that provides a comforting and pampering experience.

Leo- XD 11® Panache®

Very long and voluminous spray

Leos are associated with opulence and grandeur, making XD 11 Panache a suitable match with its very long and voluminous spray and a world of purity and sensuality. 

Virgo- Melodie Delicate®

Ultra-feminine, infinitely discreet and elegant

Virgos appreciate elegance and subtlety. Melodie Delicate’s ultra-feminine, discreet and elegant qualities resonate with Virgo’s refined taste.

Libra- Melodie®

Low profile luxury pump

Libras appreciate discreet luxury and harmony, which aligns with the low-profile luxury and discreet aesthetics of Melodie.

Scorpio- Melodie Mystery®

Long and enveloping spray

Scorpios are often associated with mystery and sensuality, making Melodie Mystery a fitting match with its long and enveloping spray and refined, elegant feeling.

Sagittarius- Orchestra®

Harmonious brand experience, sophisticated dispensing

Sagittarians seek experiences that are harmonious and adventurous. Orchestra's emphasis on a harmonious brand experience and sophisticated dispensing aligns with Sagittarius' love for surprises and delightful experiences.

Capricorn-Melodie Agile®

Solid and precise actuation

Capricorns appreciate efficiency and precision. Melodie Agile's solid and precise actuation fits well with Capricorn's disciplined and focused nature.

Aquarius- Melodie Pure®

Fine atomization, ideal for water-based formulations

Aquarians appreciate innovation and uniqueness. Melodie Pure's fine atomization and compatibility with water-based formulations align with Aquarius' preference for forward-thinking and originality.

Pisces-XD 11®

Soft and harmonious spray

Pisces, associated with gentleness and harmony, is a good fit for the soft and harmonious spray of XD 11.

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