Silgan Dispensing Launches Replay™, a Sustainably Designed, All-Plastic Refillable Solution at Luxe Pack Monaco

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Replay features the company’s patented LifeCycle™ Technology and adds a fully refillable system to its Pirouette™ collection.

Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development, and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the fragrance, beauty, personal care, healthcare, and home and garden markets, announces the launch of Replay™, an all-plastic refill system using the company’s patented LifeCycle™ Technology. Silgan Dispensing is debuting Replay at Luxe Pack Monaco from October 2-4 at booth RC14.

Luxury with Sustainability

Replay™ enhances Silgan Dispensing’s Pirouette™ collection, creating a fully refillable system and expanding the company’s portfolio of sustainable fragrance solutions. Replay elevates the consumer experience by offering:

Fast refilling: A 50ml bottle can be refilled in 20 seconds.
Improved adaptability: Replay can be used on a variety of bottlenecks.
Lighter weight: The solution uses less plastic, reducing its weight by 33%
Less wasted product: Refilling automatically stops when finished, leaving no fragrance in the spout.

Replay can be provided with or without an over cap, should one be needed for security during transport or greater hygiene. Replay is adaptable to all sizes from samplers, minis, and travel packs to retail packs with SNI 15 and SNI 17 bottlenecks.¹

“Replay is the perfect addition to our Pirouette collection, offering consumers a solution that is luxurious in its design, convenient in its use, and sustainable in its impact on the environment,” Sandy Gregory, Global Marketing Director Fragrance, Silgan Dispensing. “Bringing Replay to market is another example of Silgan Dispensing’s ability to design and deliver premium solutions that support our clients’ most pressing goals.”

A Sustainable Design Informed by Consumer Insights

Replay addresses several notable gaps in the consumer experience as more individuals are seeking practical, sustainable products. There is dissatisfaction with the current refill experience. Existing refill solutions, which have been limited to certain geographies and brands, are commonly criticized for being messy and difficult to manage at home.

Qualitative testing of Replay’s consumer experience showed it to be easy to use, clean and quick, with no concerns of spillages and waste. Comments from focus group participants characterized Replay as being “intuitive, playful and instinctive” and that “it feels clean because you don’t get any perfume on your fingers.”

Additionally, matching such convenience with sustainability has remained elusive in the luxury fragrance market, despite consumer desire for such products. According to Silgan Dispensing’s Fragrance Refill Survey (2023), two-thirds of consumers in France, the United States and China recycle their fragrance packaging. This is more pronounced in Brazil where three in four consumers recycle fragrance packaging. Furthermore, 80% of consumers commonly repurchase their favorite fragrance, which typically lasts between three and nine months depending on use and bottle size.

“Sustainability and luxury are not mutually exclusive design concepts, as Replay demonstrates,” added Gregory. “Replay presents an opportunity for brand owners to offer fragrance products with luxurious, beautiful packages while remaining in total alignment with their sustainability goals and the sustainability preferences of their customers.”

Silgan Dispensing’s LifeCycle™ Technology

Silgan Dispensing’s patented LifeCycle™ Technology is a plastic spring that enhances recyclability without impacting performance. Unlike conventional dispensers, LifeCycle Technology solutions remove non-recyclable metals and materials, allowing dispensers to be constructed nearly completely from a single polyolefin. The result is greater compatibility with today’s recycling streams—helping customers meet their goals for both sustainability and performance.

Pirouette™ Technology’s Lasting Impact on Fragrance Packaging

Silgan Dispensing's Pirouette Technology, developed for its premier fragrance pumps, Melodie®, XD11® and Aspire®, has changed the way that these pumps fit onto glass bottles. Used by the world’s top fragrance brands, Silgan’s Pirouette™ Technology allows consumers to simply unscrew the pump from the bottle, providing them an easy way to either refill the bottle with their favorite scent or recycle the glass. Silgan pioneered the technology by adapting their expertise in dispensing systems to respond to the new trend. Moreover, working together with brand owners and Cetie, a global organization that researches and establishes bottling standards, Silgan was involved in developing new bottle neck standards for the future of sustainable fragrance packaging.

For more information on Replay, please visit booth RC14 at Luxe Pack Monaco.

¹SNI: The screw-neck international norms created for screw-neck fragrance bottles.

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