Silgan Dispensing Launches Next-Generation Self-Dosing Closure, MeaSURE™ 2

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 Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the home, health and beauty markets, today announces the launch of its new unit dose closure, MeaSURE™ 2, a self-measuring, automatic-dosing closure that consistently dispenses the correct amount of liquid with a simple squeeze.

The enhanced engine within MeaSURE™ 2 boasts improved accuracy (+-10%) and consistency over the previous generation. It works with a variety of formulas and viscosities and expands the closure’s application across the laundry, surface cleaning, lawn and garden, personal care, oral care and auto care markets. An added silicone valve in the engine means zero mess and leakage during use and transport. Additionally, the closure is e-commerce certified, passing Amazon’s ISTA-6 packaging test with no damage, denting or leaks.

“This next evolution of our MeaSURE closure is an opportunity to delight consumers with the ease, accuracy and mess-free dispensing that a self-dosing closure ensures,” said Lee Luo, Senior Manager, Global Category Development, Home & Personal Care at Silgan Dispensing. “The best part is less wasted product from spills and leaks and no more guessing about dispensing right amount. MeaSURE™ 2 offers brands a distinct opportunity to differentiate their products through the elevated user experience it offers.”

Originally launched in 2020, the first generation of MeaSURE™ was used to measure and dispense concentrated cleaning products. That iteration of the product will be retired, and MeaSURE™ 2 will replace it as the stock option across the markets listed above. 

For more information about MeaSURE™ 2, contact Silgan

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