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Most products travel daily from distant production sites to where they're needed. Cargo vessels may wind up taking shipments through deserts, tundras, jungles, over tumultuous seas, or high up in the air.

SR Packaging’s new dispensing pumps are specifically designed to withstand extreme changes in temperature and humidity. Regardless of how well the product is stored in an optimal warehouse environment, the new dispensing pumps eliminate leakage concerns and dispenser malfunctioning when the product arrives in the consumer’s hands.

With global climate changes becoming more pronounced, cargo has to endure increasingly extreme weather conditions. Summer temperatures can hit 50 degrees in some temperature zones and winters on tropical islands are beginning to hit the sub-zero range. Normal conditions might not be able to keep products properly stored, and temperate or pressurized control conditions are expensive. SRP's latest pumps are resilient, specifically geared toward inclement storage and transport conditions, and made of a food-grade PE and PP composite so they don't come with a heavy price tag.

Further, during assembly, SR Packaging’s advanced production processes avoid using unnecessary lubricants, fairly eliminating the possibility of foreign object contamination. The external spring design makes it a hazard-free component and keeps the product clean with no metal contamination.

Pumps are tested to function between -20º and 50º C for three complete cycles, with no breakage in the pump or loss of functionality. The pumps are also vacuum tested using a 30% alcohol solution at -0.06 Megapascals, with no leakage or swelling throughout the test.

Every day, more and more companies develop new formulations that require excellent packaging solutions to make sure product quality won’t suffer between the production site and the consumer’s home. Even though the simple pump is one of the most common packaging solutions in the world, customers can trust that SR Packaging has managed to make their particular version of the dispenser the best it can possibly be, with no recalls and 100% consumer satisfaction.

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