Increase impact with gradient decoration

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SR Packaging knows that manufacturing great products is just one part of the packaging process. The other fundamental is ensuring that beauty and personal care brands can decorate those products so that consumers want to reach out and buy them.

One of the decoration services offered by SR Packaging is gradient decoration. Available to decorate bottles, jars or tubes exquisite gradients optimize packaging design with increidile visual impact. Whether it is gradient is created through the molding, by spray coating, metallization or offset print, gradient customization truly catches the consumers eye.

SR Packaging offers 4 different processes in order to achieve gradient decoration.

  • Molding gradient
    Product molding in 2-tone gradation without extra processes
  • Spray coat gradient
    A secondary spray coating process adds a gradient look by coating a component
  • Vac met gradient
    A secondary process adds metallization gradient to a component
  • Offset print gradient
    Offset printing can be applied to add gradients to a tube

Open the pdf document to take a look at some of the gradient finishes and learn more. Alternatively, contact us and we can tell you the best way to achieve your desired gradient look.

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