Sustainable Sugarcane PET Packaging: Compatible and Customizable

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One of the companies at the forefront of the Sustainable Packaging movement, SR Packaging, now offers bottles and jars manufactured from sugarcane-derived PET plastic. All of the PET bottles and PET jars in SR Packaging's expansive product catalog can be manufactured with this material.

Biomass plastic, or BIO-PET as it is commonly known, consists of 30% renewable raw materials and still has the same mechanical and thermal product properties as PET plastic derived from fossil fuels. SR Packaging already offers sugarcane PE tubes, so the addition of sugarcane PET allows brands to pack more of their products in bio-based packaging.

BIO-PET packaging offers a number of recognized benefits. It provides compatible protection to ensure a skincare product's quality through the entire commodity cycle. The moldability of the material enables unlimited brand designs and styles, while the bio-solution helps brands opt for renewable solutions instead of fossil fuel resources.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Carbon emissions in the production of plant-based BIO-PET are reduced by 25% when compared to PET resin from fossil fuels.

  • Wide range of uses

Whether utilized to manufacture thick-wall PET bottles, cream jars, or any desirable customizations, BIO-PET can be used to manufacture and achieve the SAME products as PET resin produced from fossil fuels.

  • Stable & quality molding

Thanks to its advanced copolymerization technology, the plant-derived raw material for BIO-PET has stable IV (intrinsic viscosity) and consistent moldability, ensuring the quality finish that SR Packaging's customers have come to reply upon.

Explore SR Packaging's product catalog where you'll find a vast choice of PET bottles and PET jars. Alternatively, brands are invited to contact SR Packaging directly with their unique product requirements and the team will be happy to provide inspiration, innovations and more information.

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