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The MARU Airless is a cylindrical collection of bottles manufactured by SR Packaging as part of its popular EBM Airless Bottle ranges.

The classically styled bottles are offered in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml capacities and their sustainability credentials make them a popular choice with both consumers and brands.

Sustainable and reliable

The outer bottle of the MARU Airless is manufactured from just PP material so that it is easy to recycle following use as well as being manufactured from pre-used (PCR) plastic. It works in conjunction with a PP pump and a PP inner pouch with 2% EVOH.

The inner PP pouch not only makes the bottle pack lighter weight than a piston-style airless bottle, it also significantly reduces plastic usage by up to 70%.

The MARU Airless bottles work well with formulations of various viscosities, so it can be fitted with either a pump or spray. As it doesn't need a dip tube, the pack benefits a complete 360º usage - even upside-down.

Customized decoration is also available to make this pack your next champion product. Ask SR Packaging.

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