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POM-free pumps for KAO, Bioré makeup remover & cleansing oil

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POM-free back suction pumps for KAO, 
Bioré makeup remover & cleansing oil.
  • no dripping
  • no mess

SR Packaging's back suction pump has made its mark to achieve the desired quality for dispensing low-viscosity liquids, and recent makeup remover projects with KAO are the best proof.

The pumps have a better-engineered content passageway that withstands temperature changes and usage trials (see the details), and are chemical resistant and mechanically robust. 

Here are the pump applications of 3 different formulae as showcases: Makeup Remover Lotion, Bicontinuous Phase Makeup Remover, and Cleansing Oil.

Click to find out about POM-free pumps for KAO, Bioré makeup remover & cleansing oil .

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