PCR Airless Bottle

Sustainability is hot right now. Consumers are demanding dependable packaging that respects the environment and beauty brands must respond.

SR Packaging is leading innovation in sustainable packaging. Its PCR Airless bottle utilizes Post Consumer Recycled plastic, offering skincare brands both a reliable pack, and the opportunity to reuse waste plastic.

PCR Airless bottles benefit from 2 layers. The strong outer wall of the PCR-PE bottle is 70% PCR, protecting an inner EVOH+PE pouch which contracts and separates evenly from the exterior wall when the product is dispensed. The combination of EVOH with PE provides a hermetic environment that is compatible with even the most delicate formulations.

So, no preservatives are required.
Reliable, accurate dosage is ensured, with instant re-prime.
And at any angle. Even up-side down.

To ensure optimal quality and product safety of the pack, SR Packaging performs a two-step quality control. Vacuum suction is performed on each inner pouch to ensure that it contracts correctly in the bottle without rupture, whilst maintaining its 100% vacuum seal. Optical inspection equipment is also deployed to detect and remove any larger contaminant particles from the PCR for a more aesthetic finish.

PCR Airless bottles can be produced in many sizes and volumes. SR Packaging's tooling capability offers unlimited bottle styles; diamond, square, soft-edge cube and more...

And it's not just bottles. The SR Packaging’s PCR Airless tottles offer another option for skincare and cosmetics. Unlike conventional tottles, product residue is minimized, so the consumer benefits from full usage.

The company also has PCR Airless Tubes - providing brands with a range of PCR airless pack choices.

Innovating in packaging design, SR Packaging's PCR Airless bottles maintain cosmetics in optimal condition - perfectly balancing functionality within a sustainable packaging solution.

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