Uniqueness, Design, and Beauty in the Small Details

Virospack has just introduced the new technology of TPE-blown injection bulbs!

This new technology allows greater freedom for bulb design and customization, being able to create a new consumer experience and exclusive brand positioning. These new personalized bulb shapes, composed of TPE, can be combined with a variety of options of both caps and pipettes available in the Virospack portfolio, and through different decoration finishes such as coloring or metallization, that will perfectly meet your brand needs.

The cutting-edge Blown Injection bulbs can be designed to provide exceptional functionality and sustainability, making them a game-changer in the market, adding personalization and differentiation to cosmetics products. Through this technological innovation, Virospack is increasing its wide bulb range, offering new personalized shapes and finishes that truly distinguish any product from others available in the market.

Personalization matters, it enhances consumer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. Customers will quickly fall in love with a seductive dropper dispenser pack that is unique and has been personalized to create a perfect interaction with the product.

Uniqueness, Design, and Beauty in the Small Details

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