Draw Them In With Virospack's Magnetic Dropper

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Virospack's magnetic droppers offer the ultimate sealing experience to protect and preserve product integrity for longer periods. The exclusive and patented sealing system replaces the traditional screw-on necks for opening and closing the pack, which increases hygiene and ensures the pack is completely isolated from foreign contaminants. A mechanism that works best for delicate formulas and oils for skin and hair care treatments.

Composed of two pieces, a dropper, and a clip-on bezel, the dropper fits all FEA15 bottles. Naturally, all visible parts can be decorated using different techniques for a fully personalized dropper, and the collar is available in two different designs. Virospack's cutting-edge decoration capabilities and the magnetic sealing mechanism, make for an ideal solution for high-end brands, conveying a luxurious pack from all perspectives.

Draw Them In With Virospacks Magnetic Dropper

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