Be Precise with Virospack's New Duo Dose Dropper System

The new Duo Dose Dropper System by Virospack offers an exceptionally accurate dosing system. Suitable for a variety of skincare formulations, such as lotions, creams, oils, and serums, it is the ultimate solution to help consumers apply the exact amount of product to the targeted area during their beauty routines.

The innovation was designed for user-friendly and effortless application, with a clear indicator on the push button, making it convenient to measure and dispense the required dosage of products between 0,3 ml and 0,7 ml. With this precise and fixed dosage, it is possible to customize the use of most formulas, depending on skin types, periods and times of application, or even according to the climate or season of the year.

For consumers, the new Duo Dose System is a functional packaging that embodies simplicity, precision, and ease of use. For brands, an opportunity to configure the exact formula dosage, offering convenience, precision, personalization, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness, maximizing the product value and enhancing the overall user experience.

When working with Virospack brands have the freedom and flexibility to personalize the decoration of their droppers to match their specific product and design preferences. The total customization of this final packaging is guaranteed to captivate customers thanks to the extensive decoration techniques that Virospack offers, ranging from painting or metallization, and multiple finishes.

Be Precise with Virospacks New Duo Dose Dropper System

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