Virospack Develops Premium Recyclable Dropper for Melvita

  • Virospack

Melvita's Lumière Nectar Brightening Expert Serum offers a brightening action that illuminates the skin by acting on blemishes. The formula is based on 100% natural ingredients with 2 key components: an organic active ingredient from iridescent algae, which acts on skin spots and reactivates the brightness with a strong brightening action; and vitamin C with antioxidants. The product is certified organic and entirely made in France.

Naturally, when looking for a pack to take this premium product to the shelves, Melvita sought a solution that would fall in line with the essence of their serum: high-quality, European-made, and sustainable. Virospack rose to the occasion with a 100% recyclable packaging, which includes a 30ml screen-printed moulded glass bottle and a dropper with a TPE bulb.

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