Nurtured by Nature: Introducing a New Plant-Powered Dropper Cap

  • Virospack

Virospack is introducing a new eco-friendly packaging to the market: a fully PLANT-BASED DROPPER cap that uses FOREWOOD® material. Working in partnership with Rezemo GmbG brand, the company developed this entirely sustainable dropper kit, a green-powered solution to the cosmetic business.

Virospack continuously strives to provide innovative and sustainable packaging technologies to global skincare, cosmetic, and beauty brands, that enhance the overall consumer experience and help tell a brand’s story and values, while pushing for green and eco-friendly solutions in the market.

Sustainability has become a major consideration when shopping. 92% of consumers say sustainability is important when choosing a brand today (Nielsen). FMCG Companies and their packaging suppliers can take action and limit the use of plastics and harmful waste through sustainable packaging.

Being respectful to our environment is more than just a goal, it is a philosophy of the Virospack company and part of its DNA. Having been certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and EMAS it can guarantee its know-how and sustainability efforts.

A great example is the new PLANT-BASED DROPPER, a complete sustainable dropper kit that includes:

  • A fully Plant-Based dropper cap.
  • In partnership with Rezemo GmbG brand, it uses FOREWOOD® material, certified from sustainable forestry- PEFC. Meaning it is 100% Plant-Based Compostable and uses 0% Fossil Resources, reducing the CO2 footprint.
  • A bulb made with Biobased TPE > 50%.
  • A pipette with a Tenite – Biobased Plastic > 40%.

In addition to all these eco-powered benefits, you can also embrace the power of customization, so important for brand positioning and final product design. With Virospack you have in-house custom decoration and finishes for the cap and bulb parts at hand.

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