Give your product a clear name that makes it easy for both you and your customers to understand which is the product. A reference number only can sometimes cause confusion. Equally, we do not recommend a name that is too simple, such as "bottle" with no further details. A good product name could be "PET Bottle 123456", for example. This gives a clear idea of the product and states the product reference number. You should also include a nice photograph of your product here too!

You may also wish to consider adding a short text description that will help your product to be found in text searches across webpackaging in addition to online search engines. If you were to search for this product, what text would you use to find it? This should guide you in writing your text description.

Once you have added the product, you should then click to add your product specification. If your company does not have a custom specification set up, then click the option + Packaging Spec 2.0

Name your spec with something relevant to the product as it is possible to have multiple specs included under a single product and you want to be able to distinguish between each one. For example, one bottle shape may apply to all of the bottles, but they could each have a different neck type, or be manufactured in a different plastic material. Click the edit pencil icon to open up the content options and check the applicable boxes within the specification. If you do not check a box, then it won't show on the published page. Don't forget to 'Save Changes' once you've finished.


Reference - Main
Description - Long

This specification has major markets selected, and the ISO certification option, but the edit option allows for far more to be included.

Market - MajorBeauty, Personal Care. Eating, Drinking. Health. Home Care
CertificationsISO Certifications
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