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How to... Request a quote from multiple packaging suppliers at once

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Webpackaging has been bringing packing suppliers and buyers together since 1996. Helping procurement and development teams to find new packaging companies and product offerings is one of the key features of the site.

In addition to sending a direct message to a supplier about a product or requirement, webpackaging also welcomes open RFQs (Requests for Quote) which are sent to the most relevant, qualified suppliers in the webpackaging database.

The primary benefit for procurement and research teams is that you can receive information and pricing for comparable products from different companies, so that you can choose the one which best fits your own team's requirements — whether that be related to cost, delivery time, MOQ, etc.

There are various ways in which you can submit your open RFQ.

Option 1. Fill out the 'Quote Me' form

The 'Quote Me' page can be accessed directly from the top menu of webpackaging.

Simply click to open the form and fill out the details of what you require.

Include as much important information as you wish. For example; if you prefer a North American manufacturer, you require urgent delivery, or that you would like to find a single supplier for multiple products.

The webpackaging team will get back to you to confirm the details prior to sending your enquiry to the best-matched suppliers.

Option 2. Send a message

Click 'Contact' on the top right side of the webpackaging portal page to send a message to the webpackaging team.

Once again, our team will get back to you to confirm the details prior to forwarding your enquiry to the best-matched suppliers.

What information should be supplied to submit an RFQ?

A good RFQ includes as much detail as possible with regard to your requirements.

  • What do you actually require? For example, a transparent square-shaped glass bottle with a 100ml capacity and a 20/410 neck is a far clearer requirement than "bottles".
  • Are you sourcing a full pack or just a part? Do you require a bottle on its own, or do you perhaps require a cap, pump or sprayer to go with it?
  • Where do you want delivery/or to source from? Taxes, delivery times and carbon footprints are important elements of business nowadays. The webpackaging team can make better searches if this information is supplied.
  • How many products do you need? Different companies have different minimum order requirements. When you provide a clear indication of the quantity you want, your enquiry will only receive a response from companies that can assist you with that amount. We don't want you to waste your time by receiving quotes that are not relevant to your requirements.
  • What is the best way to contact you? Please include both a phone number and email in your RFQ as it helps for clarifying information, or receiving a message outside of your own business hours. Equally, if you would prefer to be contacted in an alternative language, just say! 
  • Is any other detail important to you? You're welcome to include it so that suppliers will be made aware.

Is there a cost to submit an open RFQ?

Webpackaging does not charge anything to publish an open RFQ that is of relevance to the packaging industry.

Does your company need to source packaging on a regular basis?

Contact webpackaging to ask about the unique digital tools available for brands and consumer packaged goods companies that will help you source products more effectively and help you bring your new products to market, faster.

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