DS Smith's customisable and reusable AkyPak makes material handling and distribution easier

Finding a reusable packaging solution that has the right size, weight and form may be hard. DS Smith Plastics makes it easy by offering expertise in optimising and customising packaging to meet and exceed your needs.

Choosing the right packaging solution that fits the needs of a product and corresponding supply chain is important to any business. The right packaging can help make a product become a success and provide efficiencies in handling and distribution to its manufacturer.

To create the ‘perfect reusable packaging’ most solutions may need to be customized to deal with the unique demands of a product and meet customer requirements. DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products offer customisable and reusable packaging under their AkyPak® brand of bulk-containers, sleeves, boxes and storage bins.

The AkyPak Box, is the most popular product type due to its versatility, and usability for a good amount of applications. Made of polypropylene plastics, AkyPak boxes are lightweight, durable and its smooth surface has excellent printing capabilities that allow branding with company colours and logotypes.

AkyPak boxes strength and useful life can be further enhanced when re-enforced with a metal or an injection moulded top frame. The customised top-frame option allows nesting of boxes while in storage or while in transit for optimum transport, space utilisation and reduction of associated costs.

Further customisation can be obtained with the addition of interior rigid or textile dunnage for enhanced cushioning and protection of products; open and closed handles for handling efficiencies; RFID labels for access control; and more.

AkyPak boxes are reusable with long life-cycles and recyclable at the end of their useful life. DS Smith Plastics’ AkyPak reusable packaging is a leading product in several markets due to its superior qualities, levels of customisation and wide variety of applications.

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