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DS Smith launches SalesFront, bringing products closer to the shopper

  • DS Smith
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After three years of testing and development, DS Smith has launched an innovative new packaging system that continually pushes products to the front of the shelf and avoids the need for on-shelf apparatus.

The SalesFront pack incorporates a specially engineered band into a retail-ready corrugated pack (RRP), which smoothly moves the contents forward as each item is sold.

Research from IGD has revealed that 37% of customers will buy an alternative brand if they can’t see their chosen product on the shelf, while retail trials have shown that sales of a product continually presented to the front of the shelf can increase by up to 20 per cent, with an average increase of six to eight per cent.

SalesFront will help manufacturers and retailers combat the problem of poor on-shelf availability, without the need for additional equipment on the shelf or for employee time spent manually pulling products forward.

Not just a pack design, SalesFront is a packaging system and DS Smith has developed a range of equipment to assist the assembly and filling process. When the pack is erected, the band is stretched and the product is loaded on the customer’s specially adapted packing lines.

Product Benefits:

  • Improve shopper experience
  • Help brand owners put their best product forward at all times, leading in increased sales and product visibility
  • No need for on-shelf equipment, it saves the labour that is currently used to manually pull product forward
  • Easily modified to different products and sizes of pack
  • Food safe
  • Fully recyclable

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DS Smith scores well in first foray into WWF’s Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI)

DS Smith scores well in first foray into WWF’s Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI)

We’re very proud that DS Smith has achieved 72.5 % of the total achievable scores in WWF´s Environmental Paper Company Index (2015) for its packaging division, and 100% in the responsible fibre sourcing subcategory. Our role as a leader in the packaging industry is built on providing packaging that performs to exceptional standards; something that is only possible if we protect and maintain our forests. The best way to maintain our forests is an all-out devotion to recycling.

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