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DS Smith drives increased sales for Royal Unibrew with enormous corrugated cardboard truck

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At DS Smith we take pride in understanding the various sectors in which our customers operate. For example, the summer season is crucial for brewers, so in the spring our Danish sales team came up with an idea to help Royal Unibrew sell more beer at this key point in the year. Royal Unibrew loved the idea and the resulting displays drove sales in BILKA stores from mid-June.


Convince Royal Unibrew that our idea would increase sales and brand recognition while also being very cost-effective and easy to implement.

Our Approach

It was an exciting, challenging assignment for DS Smith’s team to design a display that was based on Royal Unibrew’s own distribution trucks so that it was recognisable to supermarket customers as Royal’s trucks, and not just regular packaging. Wecreated a driver’s cab, set up on a EUR pallet, then an enclosure to be mounted on the number of pallets that would make up the total length of the truck, and finally we produced a copy of the rear end of the truck.


  • Increased sales of Royal Beer
  • Increased brand awareness of Royal Beer thanks to recognisable 3D outline
  • Adaptable display depending on store size and floor space
  • Ease of assembly for store employees means it goes up fast
  • Logistically optimised so that it could be folded into a flat pack in the Euro pallet format, without compromising the appearance and strength of the structure, for smooth distribution
  • A further increase in sales as early success has led to a relaunch of the project, and more beer delivery trucks are now making their way out to stores
  • Led to requests from large parts of the Danish food retail sector to have a similar display

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