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Worldwide distributor of sealants invests in a reusable packaging produced from recycled tubes of seal and glue

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Den Braven, a world-famous producer of sealants and glue and DS Smith Plastics co-designed one universal state-of-the-art briefcase to be used both for retail and E-commerce.

To be able to distribute the ‘All-in-one Seal’ promotion, consisting of 12 tubes together with 12 spouts, Den Braven decided to contact DS Smith Plastics to design a universal packaging to be used both in brick and mortar and online stores.

DS Smith Plastics has the technique to produce packaging made from post-consumer plastic waste but Den Braven wanted to take this a step further and challenged the R&D department in Bilzen to produce the packaging of recycled empty tubes of seal and glue.

By using the latest scientific research methods, including computer simulation and extensive lab work in close cooperation with a recycling company, DS Smith succeeded in using the empty tubes to produce the briefcase.

With this sustainable solution, Den Braven greatly boosted their sales both in store and online.

This packaging is a great example of how used material can get a second life. It is fully branded and ideal to stack in the store and durable to use as an E-commerce packaging. Furthermore, the briefcase is a must-have for do-it-yourselfers to keep and reuse to store all kind of things afterwards, in an orderly fashion.— Rudi Raskin, Sales Director of DS Smith Plastics Injection Moulded Products

Den Braven Sealants manufactures and distributes sealants, foams, aerosols and other adhesives for use in the construction industry and a range of industrial applications worldwide. Aside from branded products the company offers a full solution for your private label, including artwork and design.

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