Plastic-Free July: Explore Metal Packaging

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Did you know aluminium and tinplate have a special classification as ‘permanently available materials’?

It means they are abundantly available on planet Earth and because they are infinitely recyclable with no deterioration to molecular structure, making them the ideal materials for a circular economy.

Recycling Aluminium and Tinplate also saves energy because metal scrap is recognized as a resource, not as a waste.

Metal packaging is making and can continue to make a difference to reducing unnecessary plastic.

Roberts Metal Packaging has over 130 year's experience in aluminium and tinplate packaging, offering standard product ranges and capabilities for bespoke projects. 

Choosing aluminium and tinplate alternatives to plastic caps and containers, is not only a more sustainable choice, but is also an opportunity to elevate your brand image with the sophisticated look of metal. Roberts Metal Packaging provides additional decorative services such as embossing, debossing and styling to create a distinctive pack. 

This Plastic-Free July, explore the possibilities of metal packaging in the Roberts Metal Packaging catalog.

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