Decorated Metal Tins for Balms, Moisturizers and Creams

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We have many clients who look after their customers' skin with balms, moisturisers and creams. And we look after their packaging!

To help make that packaging stand out, we decorate the lids and bases with a chosen design.

For a metallic finish, designs can be printed directly onto the metal substrate, and for a solid non-metallic finish, designs are printed onto a white undercoat.

The choice of varnish can also change the overall feel of your design – we are able to offer a range of matt finishes as well as full gloss.

To know more about our Decorated Jars simply get in touch or visit the catalog 

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Nothing Sweeter Than Metal Packaging

When it comes to sweets, choosing metal packaging can help achieve the highly sought-after vintage style and add a high-end boutique feel. In addition to the recyclability factor, the use of metal components has the potential to encourage more reuse of packaging once the product has been used up.  Roberts Metal Packaging offers various metal packs suitable with sweets jars including aluminium screw caps with a rolled or straight edge and its Softline collection.

Roberts Metal Packaging and Shea Yeah aluminium metal jars received the Highly Commended Award in the Metal Pack of the Year

Roberts Metal Packaging's 75ml and 50ml jars made from 0.25mm recyclable aluminium were selected from the Roberts Softline Aluminium Jar range, which structurally have soft radii and a smooth texture. The aluminium metal jars received the highly commended award in the Metal Pack of the Year – Promotional, Decorative & General Line category at the UK Packaging Awards 2022 .

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