Sustainable Luxury Paper Packaging: Rigid Tray and Sleeve

  • Robinson Packaging

Robinson's 3-dimensional rigid trays and sleeves present a look and feel that is similar to book jackets. As a one-piece tray, they are suitable for more price-sensitive products.

Robinson's rigid trays and sleeves are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material and are widely recyclable, with the option of adding sustainably sourced paper as black, white, custom colour or textured lining.

Why choose a rigid tray and sleeve?

  • Highly cost-effective alternative to a book jacket
  • Rigid structure offers high-level product protection
  • Sustainable choice

Robinson's rigid trays and sleeves are already the packaging of choice for a range of products including luxury confectionary and beauty products with brands such as cult Beauty, Holdsworth Chocolate and Neom Organics.

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