Sustainable Luxury Paper: Box and Lid

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Robinson's box and lid combination is robust enough for even the weightiest or most delicate of contents, with products being held firmly in place. Since the same machine is used for both box and lid, they are the most cost-effective way of packaging beautifully presented luxury gifts.

The details

A box and lid can be married with a number of inhouse value add options. Want a ribbon on it? Robinson will happily add that by hand.

The paperboard is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and is widely recyclable. The paper is made from sustainable sources and Robinson is pursuing FSC-certification. We offer the option of adding the sustainability sourced paper as black, white, custom colour or textured lining.

Why choose a box and lid?

  • Incredibly robust and lightweight
  • High protection for contents
  • Easy to store
  • Ready to transport
  • Sustainable

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See also

ROCOCO chooses ROBINSON for its flagship Easter Egg for 2023

Robinson, who were recently awarded FSC ® certification (Licence code: FSC-C186000) for its Paperbox division, have a produced a rigid shoulder box with internal fitments with a printed satin ribbon to hold the egg in place. The box has been printed in the traditional blue Rococo design inside and out on an uncoated paper. The packaging is 100% recyclable and has no element of plastic in it unlike most other Easter egg boxes on the market.

ROBINSON Receives FSC Certification

Robinson is delighted to announce it has received FSC ® certification (Licence code: FSC-C186000) for its Paperbox division. FSC certification ensures that all products produced at Paperbox are sustainable. FSC-managed forests help provide clean air and water by restricting hazardous chemicals and following strict harvesting and forestry practices. Their work also helps ensure a diversity of animals, trees and plants as well as providing safe working conditions for everyone involved.

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