Silgan Dispensing Systems launches Pearl Baby Bear in US market

  • Silgan Dispensing Systems

Airless pump developed using market research, features charming bear decoration on cap

Silgan Dispensing Systems, a global leader in the design, development and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the home, health and beauty markets, recently launched Pearl® Baby Bear, a new airless pump for baby skin care products that features a charming decorative bear nozzle.

The airless pump was developed using insights from research conducted in Shanghai and Foshan to identify unmet needs, pain points and benefits that would create a better packaging experience for moms and babies. The retirement of the one-child policy in China has resulted in a baby boom, with up to 30 million new babies expected over the next five years, leading to double-digit growth for baby products in China.

The product launched successfully in China and is now available in the United States. Pearl Baby Bear features an attractive and engaging design, and the all-plastic airless pump avoids metal contamination with formulations. Moms will appreciate the one-hand operation design, high evacuation rate and the extremely low-force actuator.

“Pearl Baby Bear delivers on our brand promise to provide our clients and their customers a better dispensing experience,” said David Keegan, Director, Beauty and Personal Care Marketing, of Silgan Dispensing.

“Our research shows that moms are looking for packaging that’s both functional and fun. Pearl® Baby Bear brings together the emotional and functional benefits moms are after. The decorative cap captures baby’s attention, while the airless pump provides the safe, hygienic and effortless experience that’s a must-have for mothers.”

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