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A bespoke tin for Kiwi

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Kiwi, a well-known producer of shoe polish materials, was searching for a storage tin for a maintenance kit. The custom made tin needed to be a larger version of the small shoe polish tin and large enough to contain an entire set of care products.

The Box was contracted to produce the custom tin for Kiwi.

The result

The end result was a round tin with a vintage print of the well-known Kiwi design elements. On the one hand, the striking lid gives the tin a retro look, on the other hand, the black and white printed sides give it a sleek look.

The tin was even large enough for storage of additional shoe polishes, so that customers could store other products and brands in a spacious tin. This makes it easier for the customer, all shoe polish products in one place: in a Kiwi tin, produced by The Box.

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