Recyclable & Sustainable Custom Tins for Cosmetics

The Box has been the leading supplier of standard tins in the Benelux region since 1998. The Benelux is a union of three neighboring monarchies, namely Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Apart from their office in Apeldoorn, located in the heart of the Netherlands, The Box also has sales offices in Finland and England.

Tins are an ideal packaging option for promoting your brand or company name, especially in the cosmetics industry. Not only are they functional, but tins are also visually appealing. You can package your cosmetics in a unique way while simultaneously promoting your brand. Both aluminum and tin are suitable materials for the cosmetic market. These materials are lightweight, durable, and lightproof. The Box provides metal (aluminum) tins with a screw lid and EPE liner for cosmetics and other liquid and powdered products. This ensures an airtight seal and is, therefore, the ideal packaging option for your liquid or water-based cosmetics.

The Box Tins are 100% recyclable and a sustainable packaging material option. In other words, The Box helps cosmetics companies meet consumer demands for sustainable packaging options.

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Custom tins for Wall Cakes

A very special customer from Germany! A leading photographer accompanied our client who wanted to package special cakes. Cakes that were to be sold in Berlin. The tin has become something really special. The custom-made tins can be stacked on their sides, so they can be used to build a wall. The tins fit together seamlessly. The modern graffiti-like designs, together with the sepia-coloured old photographs, make the tin quite special. The tin itself says it all: "Eat the wall!"

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