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Caffeine Dealers. The company name says it all: Caffeine Dealers is a coffee supplier located in The Netherlands that specializes in sustainable and organic Fairtrade coffee. Their coffee is roasted by individuals who are passionate and live dynamic lives. The brand has a unique appearance, with its coffee packaged in sleek, custom-made tins for added distinction. By purchasing their coffee, customers support a meaningful cause.

Custom Tins: Caffeine Dealers Exceptional Coffee by Remarkable People
Ensuring that the personalized tins have the ability to contain 1 kilogram of coffee and effectively display the exceptional quality of the specific coffee brand is of utmost importance. The text presented on the front side of the tin does not necessitate supplementary information as that speaks for itself: "Exceptional Coffee by Remarkable People."

Stylishly Tough & Distinctive
Have you ever pondered on what makes our custom tins so stylishly sturdy and distinguishable? The matte finish of silver and black further enhances the tin packaging's natural beauty. You'll find that the logo is embossed on the tin, which means it's applied by relief. The logo is beautifully applied, adding an extra touch of character to the tin. The square shape is practical and gives it a robust appearance.

Brand Awareness
Custom coffee tins with a fashionable design can serve as a great tool for boosting brand recognition. By providing opportunities and increasing brand awareness, they can also contribute to the brand's positive impact on society. These tins are likely to grab attention and secure a prominent spot, making them an effective part of a marketing strategy.

Did you know? Metal is extremely strong, with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. Are you curious about another kind of custom-made tin? Are you wondering about the possibilities? Check out our other solutions for custom-made tins.

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