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Promotional tin boxes for Würzteufel

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Würzteufel produces herbs and spices, which it sells to consumers through their online shop. Perfect for cooking! The company commissioned The Box to create a round spices tinbox with relatively large dimensions. The intention was to make the herbs visible even without opening the tinbox, so that consumers can immediately see how many herbs are left.

The result

A spicy tinbox! We have incorporated the design of the Würzteufel on the tinbox, giving it a wholly unique appearance. The tinbox itself has remained silver-coloured. The handy spreader in the inner lid is particularly useful when cooking. And, because it is removable, the tinbox can be refilled again with other herbs or spices. Not to mention, the window in the body makes it possible to quickly see how much is left. Very useful!

The end result is a distinctive tin packaging with strong branding, which is quite unique in this market segment. The silver-coloured tin contrasts nicely with the colours of the herbs inside. Thanks to the window, they are always visible. The tinbox is currently a popular product in Würzteufel's online shop. Once ordered, the company's logo will take a prominent place in the consumer's kitchen, resulting in a strong sense of branding.

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