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A Barrel of Fun with ProbierFass custom tin from The Box

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ProbierFass is a German concept. The company offers gift sets that consist of small bottles of liqueur, sometimes in combination with delicacies or coffee. All of the gourmet products are luxuriously packaged, making the unpacking of these sets a truly special experience.

The company's desire was to replace their wooden keg with a tin version, so that it would have a more striking appearance. The new, custom-made tin also had to be user-friendly and have residual value.

The result: a custom-made ProbierFass tin

The result is a beautiful tin that The Box are extremely proud of. Thanks to the embossed nails and hoops, the tinbox has a particularly striking appearance.

This project was a great technical challenge that The Box were excited to overcome. Ultimately they were able to develop a tin that is inspired in shape and appearance by a barrel. To realise this, thye manufactured completely new tools, allowing us to create a three-piece body. Moreover, both the top and bottom are tapered. We have also attached the bottom to the inside, exactly as is the case with wooden barrels. For the same reason, the top is closed with an insertion lid.

The tin is filled with wood wool, so that the bottles can rest without being damaged. This material also contrasts nicely with the sturdy look of the tin.

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