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Trivium Packaging Wins Grandes Cases de Embalagem Award

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The 2022 Grandes Cases de Embalagem Competition winners have just been announced, recognizing and valuing the pursuit of excellence in Brazilian packaging. Trivium Packaging, the $2.8B global metal packaging supplier, is honored to share that it has won this award with BEG DESTILARIA for its gin refillable packaging solution. The entry was judged for the combined benefits in the relationship between production, suppliers, consumers, and the environment.

The competition evaluates the holistic packaging solution around sustainability, beauty, innovation, and consumer impact. The award recognizes the innovative concept of the refill solution and highlighting the aluminum can, which is 9x lighter than the original glass packaging, reducing transportation costs and gas consumption. Those attributes are fully aligned with the targeted consumer lifestyle, as well as the companies’ sustainable commitments.

The distillery’s decision to use aluminum for the project included its infinite recyclability and higher recycling rates among all materials, focusing on customers with a sustainable and conscious mindset.

Combining innovation, sustainability and competitiveness has always been a major challenge”, said William Altéa, Business Manager at Trivium Brasil. “This project brought the combination of these three important variables, allowing Beg Destilaria to be the first Brazilian company to launch an aluminum refill packaging. The recognition of this work came through the Grandes Cases de Packaging 2022 award and also in the exponential increase in sales.

We are very happy with the recognition of such an important and strategic project for BEG Boutique Distillery. It took years of study and development together with Trivium until we reached the final result. The refill project was born as a strategic and sustainable alternative to glass for both our final consumers and our on-trade customers. In addition to all the sustainability benefits, the new packaging has brought our customers a more versatile consumer alternative aluminum goes where glass does not. But the results of sales in the retail market showed us that we went further. Today we already sell almost 5 times more REFILL aluminum bottles versus its glass sister, allowing the consumption of a premium product for a portion of the investment, impacting up to 50% less on the average ticket”, said Arthur Flosi, partner at BEG DESTILARIA.

About BEG Distillery

BEG Distillery, a “Boutique Distillery”, carries in your DNA exclusivity and sustainability, pursuing new conscious consumption habits, it had the wish and goal to bring more sustainable packaging for its consumers, initiating the project of refillable bottles. beggin.com.br

About Trivium Packaging

Trivium Packaging is a global supplier of infinitely recyclable metal packaging for leading brands worldwide. Trivium has more than 60 locations worldwide and employs close to 8,000 people, with sales of $2.8bn. www.TriviumPackaging.com


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