Environmentally-Conscious Food Packaging Solutions for Pet Owners

  • Trivium Packaging

The pet food sector has been proactively working towards minimizing its environmental footprint to align with the evolving demands of consumers. This includes implementing innovative techniques and technologies to reduce waste and carbon emissions, sourcing sustainable ingredients, and promoting responsible manufacturing practices. Such initiatives demonstrate the industry's commitment to sustainable development and alignment with the values of environmentally-conscious pet owners worldwide.

Trivium Packaging provides an eco-friendly solution for preserving canned foods' shelf life through sustainable metal containers. Brands like Petcura's Doothie, a liquid dog food supplement, lead the way when it comes to sustainable packaging. By opting for Trivium's easy-open end can, Doothie can take advantage of metal's infinite recycling capability while preserving its nutritional value for longer. Discover the entire story behind Doothie's packaging choices in the latest article by Pet Food Processing. 

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