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The original magnetic dropper, by Virospack

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Attraction power

“Committed to service and innovation and with a strong investment of the company in R & D, we present a new concept of dropper. A development fully realized by the technical team of Virospack that offers innovation and technology to the market, accompanied as always by quality, functionality and personalization”.

-Vicenç Rodriguez, Virospack CEO.

Innovation, technology, expertise, engineering, development, sealing, attraction, power, waterproofness, safety, usability, image, magnetism, trend, quality ... are precious attributes that join in the latest development of Virospack giving shape to a reality that we present today. A genuinely innovative dropper that is a breakthrough and new concept in the dropper market, a dropper with an exclusive closing system that will undoubtedly become a trendsetter in cosmetic packaging.

Sealing with magnetism

This is a new packaging concept developed entirely by our team in Barcelona.

Virospack presents the first dropper on the market with a magnetic closure and perfect sealing feel. It is the original bulb dropper with an innovative patented sealing by magnetism system for dropper packs.

This development was carried out in our facilities after an elaborate industrial engineering adjustment without losing the image and quality objectives demanded by marketing. The dropper offers a patented sealing system with magnet technology that brings innovation to the market and to the brands, and functionality in use by the end consumer. The magnetic dropper from Virospack is a packaging proposal for cosmetics. It is composed of two pieces that contain a multitude of components for an innovative, functional, safe and of course customizable end result.

The original magnetic dropper

“An innovative dropper, fitted with an exclusive and patented sealing system using the magnetic attraction of four poles, that substitutes the screw on motion for the pack opening and closing.”

– Gustavo Bay; Virospack development leader - technical department.

This is a barrier-breaking concept in packaging - from technical, marketing and usage points of view - that is comprised of two pieces, a dropper and a clip on bezel that fits all FEA15 vials on the market.

Innovation & adaptation easily customizable

This dropper brings together innovation and adaptation - FEA 15 is one of the most common bottle necks in cosmetics - and also customization. Both components can be decorated using different techniques in order to create a personalized dropper. The two visible pieces - the aluminium cover and the plastic collar drainer - can be metallized or colour injected, responding to brand desires.

An innovative dispenser dropper pack with a sealing system using magnetism
The two parts of the dropper feature a magnet with four poles that produce an attraction to each other in order to achieve the closing of the dropper to the vial. A simple rotation is enough for the easy opening as the movement aligns the poles with the same magnetic charge and causes the dropper to separate from the vial with little effort.

Two standard components that increase our catalogue:
• Dropper: Composed in its visible part of a cap that can be painted or metallized, a pipette and a rubber bulb.
• Bottle neck cover: It is a bevelled embellisher and in addition to its "shoulder-cover" function of the vial, it also acts as a wiper for the dropper pipette.

In addition to the wide range of decoration options that we offer, we have developed two different cover designs for the magnetic dropper increasing in this sense the available options to our customers.

On top of that, the magnetic dropper adapts to bottles of very different designs, from squares or straight edges to the more cylindrical or round shapes, bringing at the end full packs really personalized and own of each brand.

The power of magnetism

Magnetic attraction is a consolidated trend in cosmetics. It is a closure system used in high fragrance packaging, lipsticks, and other make-up products, but not in skin care.

Virospack is the first company to present a package with magnetism for skin care cosmetics.

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The integral relationship between sustainability and innovation

The integral relationship between sustainability and innovation

At Virospack CSR has been one of the cornerstones of the business since it began in 1956. For over 60 years the Spanish Dropper Company has been working to ensure that every member of the team feels at home, whilst respecting the environment as the home of the business, to ensure minimal impact. As the family business has grown, so too have the measures which the company assures for both a happy workplace and healthy planet for future generations to enjoy.

Virospack commits to academic training in packaging to encourage creativity and innovate young talent

Virospack commits to academic training in packaging to encourage creativity and innovate young talent

The National Packaging Design and Sustainability Awards seek to promote innovation, design and sustainability in the packaging sector, as well as strengthen the link between the business world and university study. This reflects two long-standing goals in Virospack's CSR plan and its commitment to creativity and innovation, trusting in academic training and motivating young talents as Virospack increases its University support each year.

A totally new concept in cosmetic application: Virospack’s Magnetic Dropper

A totally new concept in cosmetic application: Virospack’s Magnetic Dropper

Virospack is the leading name in cosmetic dropper packaging. Since its foundation in 1956, the Spanish company has become known around the globe as "The Dropper Company" as its cosmetic droppers are chosen again and again by leading international brands. We caught up with Gustavo Bay, Virospack’s project leader for the Magnetic Dropper concept to learn what we could about the new offering and how it’s set to change the way droppers are used in the home.

A Virospack bespoke solution for Galenic: a full dispenser pack for the new Confort Suprême serum

A Virospack bespoke solution for Galenic: a full dispenser pack for the new Confort Suprême serum

Revitalising Duo Serum is a new generation serum, a bi-phase liquid serum treatment, rich in nourishing and hydrating agents, formulated with a patented-pending, innovative encapsulation technology by Galenic that traps the oily phase within the moisturising phase during agitation, creating a fluid and homogeneous dispersion without any greasiness during application. Both phases are presented in a full pack by Virospack.

Virospack expands its range of collars in PP: a new version of the 13/415 cap

Virospack expands its range of collars in PP: a new version of the 13/415 cap

There is a large growth in eco-friendly packaging and many cosmetic brands consider the material used in all the components of their packaging as a primary concern. Polypropylene is a material that is used more and more for many brands. Virospack, with the objective to always offer the best to each customer's needs - with an ever wider catalogue and offering personalization to answer to these needs - also extends its range of caps.

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