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Virospack and Elisava close the 2018 Design Awards

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  • The manufacturer of packaging for cosmetics and the School of Engineering and Design, have given the award for the most innovative 2018 project in packaging for cosmetics.
  • The award for the best proposal was for the project AMME lOVES, a pack dropper with two pipettes, made by Elisava students Oscar Oviedo and Elisa Valli.
  • The award for the winners includes a cash prize of €1000 and the development of a functional prototype of the project exhibited at the prestigious Luxe Pack New York show on the 16th and 17th of May.
  • Nil Targa and Martí Membrado with the project AMATO and Laura Cabello and Alex Lope of ROSA MOSQUETA, were respectively the two proposal finalists at the first edition of the awards.

Virospack, The Dropper Company, and the University School of Engineering and Design of Barcelona ELISAVA, celebrated the awards ceremony at an event organized at the Virospack headquarters, culminating the collaboration agreement signed at the beginning of the year to encourage creativity and promote packaging design.

The AMME lOVES project, designed by students Oscar Oviedo and Elisa Valli, was chosen as the most innovative. It is a packaging proposal consisting of a dual dispensing dropper with two pipettes of different diameters for a simultaneous dosage of the two formulas from a double deposit container of two different capacities. 

The concept is inspired by the sea, and dry and wet stones in water in motion and the sensations it produces along its journey. With the stones as protagonists and the slogan "A product, double sensation", it shows a dry stone with a sandy finish and a smooth and shiny stone when wet. According to the creators of this project, a proposal of manufacture with steel and glass, and a finish that shows the double effect of dry and wet stone.

In addition to a cash prize of €1000, the winning team, invited by Virospack, has travelled to New York to visit Luxe Pack NY, one of the most prestigious fairs in the sector, where the company exhibited an enlarged model on its own stand.

Virospack has also given recognition to the two finalist projects:

AMATO Bamboo, developed by Nil Targa and Martí Membrado was inspired by Zen philosophy and through touch and hearing, with the claim "The beauty of nature and the nature of beauty". The packaging proposal incorporates a bottle that simulates a bamboo cane with a simple but immensely elegant bias cross section.

ROSA MOSQUETA, by Laura Cabello and Alex Lope, features Rosa Mosqueta as the protagonist for its aesthetic and its cosmetic properties. The proposal was inspired by a design of natural and simple forms affirming that "The shape of the fruit defines the shape of the product", giving to the pipette a very original curved shape with a spatula tip.

Some 35 students participated in the contest in over 15 projects in which showcased creativity and good work. The students, studing for the Design and the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering degree at the ELISAVA school, showed off their talent and Virospack was "really surprised by the incredible quality of each and every one of the projects", as confirmed by Rosa Porras, Marketing Director of the company, who thanked both the students and professors of Elisava for their involvement and excellence.

This collaboration has been developed over the last months of the academic course since Virospack entered into collaboration with Elisava, a university attached to the Pompeu Fabra. The Elisava students selected to develop a proposal for the structural design of a container with dropper applicator was was made by the school based on academic criteria.

Following the project presentations which reflected the students' hard work, Virospack awarded merits to three proposals based on their originality and innovation in design. The dropper company's jury composed of members of the technical department, that valued the development of the sections, material proposals and manufacturing viability, the sales and marketing team who also valued the proposals capable of creating trends and responding to the requests of brands, and Virospack's CEO, Mr. Vicenç Rodriguez.

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