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Virospack's innovative Ring Push Button Dropper pack chosen for LIGHTSPEED Hydra Glow C Serum

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Free Agent Skincare is a Beauty Industry collective that manufactures in small batches to bring consumers fresh and science-based cosmetics, free from harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives.

LIGHTSPEED™ HYDRA GLOW C SERUM is its last proposal for skincare treatment. It's a rich antioxidant serum oil that helps to boost collagen levels, lighten sun spots and age spots, and give to skin with a hydrated glow.

Looking for a qualitative package with an image in line with the rest of the products of the range, LIGHTSPEED HYDRA GLOW C SERUM is presented in a cosmetic and impactful Ring Push Button Dropper pack in blue, manufactured and customized by VIROSPACK for the brand.

Presented in the award-winning ring push button dropper

The Ring Push Button Dropper is a new proposal in droppers by Virospack, just presented, and awarded with different prizes, last year. It's a dropper with an impactful design that plays with straight and cylindrical lines creating this new dropper with the push button built into the design.

Composed of three visible parts that are fully integrated forming a single piece. The three parts are independently decorable like in this case that has been injected in two different custom colours for a personalized final result.

Its dosage capacity is higher than the other push button droppers, 0.65ml of formula in every push, with a tightly controlled dosage and a more comfortable gesture due to the greater push surface, get this dropper an excellence choice for skincare treatments.

The bottle, made also by Virospack, is a moulded glass bottle with a 30ml capacity: A glass bottle with Last Drop technology for lower restitution of the formula. A premium glass, with weight, thanks to the thickness of the base, with incredible transparency, and highly compatible with the formula. For a beautiful decoration, the bottle has been painted in a transparent custom blue with white screen printing.

Eco-Friendly Packaging / Recycling Instructions from FREE AGENT

LIGHTSPEED™ bottle is made from glass and is 100% recyclable. The dropper can be taken apart with the glass pipette being recycled separately from the plastic push cap.

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