Virospack increases its wide range of metal shell bottles

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New metal shell bottle 20/410 neck, 30ml of capacity

If you are looking for a touch of elegance, check out Virospack range of metal shell dispenser dropper packs. It's a range of glossy, luxury and premium metal finish, which has expanded through the addition of a new 30ml metal shell bottle that fits with the company's 20/410 neck cosmetic and push button droppers. It's a new proposal with which Virospack increases its wide standard catalogue with 6 new references.

The full range of METAL SHELL FULL PACKS now offers BOTTLES of in sizes – with a 15, 20 or 30ml capacity.

For DROPPERS you can choose from a classic or push button dropper, both available with Europa 5 necks for 15ml and 20ml capacity bottles; and both Europa 5 and 20/410 for the largest 30ml capacity format (with the exception of the Ring Push Button Dropper model which is only available with a 20/410 neck).

Increasing our wide range of standard luxury dropper packs.

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