Duomix 2.0: Twist, Shake, Use!

Virospack presents a new powder-dispensing system for mixing dry and liquid formulas, with a novel twisting design and a bigger capacity.

The Duomix 2.0 is a new approach in the packaging industry for mixing dry powders with liquid formulas or two liquid solutions with each other. It’s an ideal solution for high-grade formulas as it keeps the two components intact until the moment of usage, maintaining their integrity and enhancing their potency after being mixed.

Available in two different references, both versions of the Duomix Twist & Shake are a perfect fit for Virospack's tubular glass vials. The final choice comes down to the capacity needed by the brand:

  • The DUO.M2.0 has a reservoir cap of 2ml and is compatible with tubular glass bottles with capacities of 10 or 15ml.
  • The DUO.M2 has a reservoir cap of 3ml and is with tubular glass bottles with capacities of 10, 15 or even 20ml.

All parts involved are customizable, and all three vials share Virospack's high strength and excellent optical clarity glass standards.


Intuitive, easy, and comfortable usage.

  1. TWIST. Upon the first use, twist the cap to open the reservoir.
  2. MIX. Once the reservoir is opened, shake the bottle to mix both components.
  3. READY FOR USE. Once the two components are mixed, the product is ready to be applied with the pipette; dispense it neatly with the precision and security of Virospack's droppers.

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