Introducing Singolo: Our Platform for a Sustainable Future

Meet Rieke’s new 2cc dispensing pump. A fully recyclable, single-polymer dispenser that’s both highly customizable and e-commerce ready. The pump is suitable for a broad range of beauty and personal care applications, such as lotion, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.  

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Certina Packaging helps beauty brands get their products to market faster

Comprising HK Cosmetic Packaging, Rebhan and Qualiform, Certina Packaging is most certainly assured of its position in the beauty packaging industry as the global boutique packaging leader.

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UKPACK’s innovative solutions for beauty packaging

UKPACK is a leading cosmetic packaging supplier in China, with over ten years of experience manufacturing different decorative bottles and jars. You can find a wide range of products, such as airless pump bottles, lotion bottles, spray bottles, airless jars, foam pump bottles, cream jars, face cream jars, eye cream jars, body butter jars, body scrub jars, lotion pumps, and more.

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SR Packaging presents the world's first PCR airless bottle

SR Packaging is leading innovation in sustainable packaging. Its PCR Eco-Airless bottle is the FIRST airless pack available to utilize Post Consumer Recycled plastic, offering skincare brands both a reliable pack, and the opportunity to re-use single-use plastic.

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The best in the business for luxury beauty packaging

Innovative beauty solutions that elevate brands and impart a luxurious feeling to any product line. With continuous development and research, Yonwoo/PKG offers the latest in bottles, droppers, pumps, sprays, and more.

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See why brands are choosing APC as their Partner in Packaging Perfection

A strategic packaging partner to not only guide you through the development process but also ensure that all points are covered along the way from innovative and sustainable engineering, competitive pricing, and rapid production turnaround times.

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Beauty and Cosmetic Rituals

Across the globe, consumers participate in beauty rituals that are deeply rooted in their culture. Their distinct desires and expectations for the dispensing experience require a higher level of sophistication in packaging solutions.

At Silgan Dispensing, our insight into global beauty rituals allows us to design and deliver products that support consumer preference for each of your target markets. 

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Virospack offers the best performing droppers for cosmetics

Virospack's droppers are the ideal packaging for any low viscosity cosmetic formula, for precision dosage and controlled application. Setting market trends, Virospack offers a wide range of standards that are easy to customize for optimal brand differentiation.

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Enhancing all your packaging!

SERIPLAST is a family business specialized in the production and decoration of injection moulded plastics. 

All packaging is expertly manufactured and decorated in-house at our French premises.

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Quadpack's ever-expanding YouWood collection

Quadpack's YouWood family is now more comprehensive than ever, featuring versatile jars, pots, tubes and bottles as well as a lipgloss, mascara, compact, and a smart, cylindrical lipstick.

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COPCO's extensive range of PCR packages

Eco-friendly products have become the call of the world. COPCO has long been developing in this area and now has an extensive range of PCR packages.

As well as PCR-PET / PCR-PE containers and PCR-PP caps, we've also made PCR-PET caps into reality.

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Beauty starts with GEKA

The GEKA group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of brushes, applicators and complete packaging systems for the cosmetics industry. The company is marked out as 'applications specialists' for its product expertise, constant innovations and countless patents.

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Glaspray GoTwist™

Glaspray GoTwist™ series consists of Twist & Spray and Twist Up Airless.
They are available in cartridge refillable systems with minimalistic and classic designs for beauty, personal care and fragrance industries. 

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Berry Global B Circular Plastic Tubes

Berry Global offers a range of innovative extruded plastic tubes that give a polished seamless look ideal for cosmetics, beauty, and personal care. The Berry Global B Circular tubes are 100% assembled in the US at vertically integrated plants.

Berry Global carries one of the broadest ranges of extruded tube offerings in the market with endless combinations of materials, closures, resin colors, and decorations. Berry Global will walk you through creating a new tube solution.

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Fully Recyclable (Mono Material) & Refillable Lipstick Components

APG´s Infinity series of fully recyclable 100% PET/ PCR/ Mono material & refillable lipstick components are ideal for ECO beauty products.

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Curated sustainable packaging to match your needs.

Asquan is ensuring the viability of the cosmetic industry through a meaningful curation of impactful packaging solutions that revolve around sustainable features. Let us help you make knowledgeable and ‘eco-logical’ decisions for your brand!

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