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Beauty & Personal Care Packaging News

Introduction to Garden Sprayer Solutions Equipment Care
Maintaining sprayer equipment, particularly garden sprayers products, is crucial for ensuring operational efficiency and prolonging its lifespan. Regular maintenance not only helps in avoiding unexpected breakdowns but also ensures that the equipment performs optimally for tasks like pest control and applying herbicides on the lawn. This guide will explore key strategies that can help in maintaining your lawn sprayer solutions equipment effectively.
Biodegradable Goes Technicolor
Painted wood, despite its decorative coating, remains a biodegradable material, contributing to its environmentally friendly characteristics. That's why Pujolasos' customized wood solutions for the fragrance and personal care market can easily match a brand's identity while enhancing its sustainability efforts.
Asquan's Metal Collection: Cool Sophistication
Asquan Group
Discover the ultimate in elegance and sustainability with Asquan's aluminum beauty packaging collection! The 100% aluminum rechargeable lipstick, the 100% aluminum compacts, and the gorgeous 30ml rechargeable aluminum jar. Experience the unmatched benefits of aluminum beauty packaging!
No Metal Contact Mist Sprayer

Creating a metal-free pathway for the formula to pass through provides additional benefits for brands and consumers. See the ST3210 mist spray, using a metal-free pathway, suitable for application across of number of markets including cosmetic, personal care, fragrance, health and home care.

BAKIC GROUP | Mila lipgloss
Bakic Group
Lip glosses are essential in any makeup lover’s collection and have been a faithful companion in the industry for quite some time now. They are portable, easy to use, and offer a wide range of design options that cater both functionality and aesthetics. Our lip glosses come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to showcase your unique style and personality. This variety also makes it easier for consumers to find a product that suits their preferences and needs. Our lip glosses are made of PETG – making it an environmentally friendlier choice for color cosmetic packaging.
The Airless Auto Loading Dropper
Explore PKG Group's Airless Auto Loading Dropper: Effortless to operate, it ensures remarkable consistency and accuracy with every pump. Its airless mechanism effectively protects formulations, preventing oxidation. The Airless Auto Loading Dropper automatically charges with an auto-loading function, providing a very consistent and accurate discharge amount from the first pumping to the very last use.
Stand Out with Haute Airless Jar
Fusion Packaging

The Haute Airless Jar combines the prestige of a jar with the protection of an airless dispensing system in a lightweight, user-controlled package. It’s custom pump engine design allows the consumer to dose out controlled amounts of creams or lotions while preventing air from entering the product, significantly reducing the possibility of contamination. This item is part of our Haute collection.

Refillable Stick Containers: Lipsticks, Foundations and Skincare
LIBO Cosmetics
The LB-L039 and the LB-A138F are sleek eco-friendly refillable containers for lip and face cosmetics, fitted with a removable compartment within the casing.  The stick and lipstick use elegant metal finishes to add a touch of luxury, making a high-end and durable package for consumers to enjoy long-term whilst using refillable systems.
Syringe Droppers: Professional Look and Enhanced Dispensing

Syringe-style droppers stand out from the crowd in the saturated market of dropper packaging. In addition to giving a more unique and professional look, this style of dispensing is highly beneficial for users, and in turn, enhances the overall experience of your product. By using a syringe mechanism, consumers have more control of the dosing. Combined with accurate and consistent measurements this highly functional package supports various specialized treatments. This easy-to-use feature also contributes to a hygienic application, maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of the liquid product.