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    Livingcap designs customizable caps, closures, corks and stoppers for the cosmetic and fragrance industries.

    Livingcap offers a rich range of natural closures for the beauty industry which are designed to appeal directly to the consumer's senses.

    'When creating your perfect closures we select materials to convey the story of your product and transmit this message to your customers.

    So a wooden closure will show the naturalness of your product, an aluminium cover will show your attention to modernity, a cement closure will manifest your constant attention to the trend. Nothing is left to chance.'

    Differentiating itself from other closure manufacturers, Livingcap is specialized in the use of alternative materials; particularly eco-sustainable material in which the company has developed new materials which fulfil the technical requirements for a closure in addition to extra environmental advantages.

    Wood, Cork and Mixcycling® (organic material blends) all contribute to a circular economy and allow the company to illustrate its love for creative design.

    'At Livingcap, we are inspired by the harmony of nature and this is reflected in our partnerships and projects.'

    Livingcap's R&D team is an inexhaustible source of ideas and will suggest you original solutions to impress your customers and grant them an amazing user experience with your brand's products.

    — Let us inspire you!