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    Customizable corks and stoppers, steel bottles and seals.

    LivingCap offers a rich range of natural corks, synthetic corks, plastic stoppers for cosmetics and beverage.

    We also produce new customised stoppers, following your projects.

    With a ten year experience in the development of closures for the beverage sector, Livingcap srl is now dedicating itself in developing and producing closures for the cosmetic field with passion


    Livingcap srl desire to assist you in the creation of your closure by experimenting with materials which will enlighten the senses of your clients.

    We believe that especially in the field of cosmetics, the purchasing experience should involve all customers’ senses.

    Sight, touch and smell must be naturally attracted to your product: this thought is the foundation of all of our choices on how we create your closures.

    In creating your closures we select materials conveying the story of your product and transmitting this message to your customers.

    So a wooden closure will show the naturalness of your product, an aluminium cover will show your attention to modernity, a cement closure will manifest your constant attention to the trend. Nothing will be left to chance.


    Livingcap’s ambition for the next coming years is to become the point of reference for the closures in the cosmetic field in both Italy and Europe. We will obtain this goal by focusing on the following aspects:

    • distinction: we will study different, alternative materials, which will distinguish us in the market
    • attention: we will give our undivided attention to our customers’ needs, by listening to their needs and solving any problems that may occur.
    • involving the customer: our R&D team will make sure that our clients are part of all the decision making, collaborating with them, listening to their suggestions and involving them constantly in the development of their product
    • updating: the base of our work is the endless study of the market trends in the cosmetics packaging
    • increasing productivity, which we will obtain thanks to our hightech plants and our organization according to the Lean philosophy
    • eco-sustainability: in the selection of raw materials and in the development of new materials, respect towards the environnment will be one of the main criterias.


    LivingCap srl was born in the spring 2004, therefore it is a young company which is however based on a forty-year experience in the field of closures.

    Thanks to our wide range, we can meet different points of view, from the most progressive to the most traditionalist ones. Our articles are designed mainly for the bottling of wine, spirits, olive oil etc ... , however they are ideal closures for cosmetics, such as perfumes, bath salts, bath foams etc.

    We make our stoppers “revolutionary” by changing their look, but keeping their essence. Our irrepressible creativity, supported by the use of innovative materials and numberless customization techniques, allow us to transmit an alternative vision of standard products and to create original concepts of closure.

    LivingCap's aim is continuously evolving.

    Well-aware of the market exigencies, LivingCap team proposes to their customer a wide range of products for packaging for food but not only! We are constantly looking for particular accessories, original and creative finishings, using natural and ecofriendly materials, with the aim of making your products emerge in the market.

    Thanks to our experience and, most of all, following your ideas, we can propose ingenious articles that are suitable for many different purposes.

    Our attention for the environment and our taste for ecofriendly materials have inspired us new products for the home interior decorating and furnishings, thus we give new life and a new guise to production remains of natural raw materials such as cork and wood. 

    What can we do for you?

    We can inspire you! Our R&D team is an inexhaustible source of ideas and will suggest you original solutions to impress your customers and grant them an amazing user experience.

    We can realize your designs, develop your projects, by collaborating with you and listening to you to understand your exigences properly.

    We can help you in selecting the materials, shape and dimensions suitable for your products. In our internal laboratory we’ll test the seal of the closure by simulating the different temperature conditions the product will face.

    We can support you in researching the container suitable to your product thanks to our connection with many glass manufacturers specialized in your sector.