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Organic material blends for cosmetic packaging

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What is Mixcycling®?

Mixcycling® srl is an innovative R&D start-up that researches and develops innovative materials by exploiting the properties of vegetable fibres derived from production waste, and then merges them with polymers from renewable organic resources, —recycled or virgin—, through an innovative patent-pending process. Livingcap is the exclusive partner of Mixcycling for cosmetics packaging.

The aim is to reduce the polymeric component significantly, therefore offering a sustainable and concrete alternative. This aim fits Livingcap's own goal to produce packaging that is inspired by nature.

Are there different blends?

There are various different options. Organic scraps from wood shavings, rice husks, Pergamino (coffee waste), grape waste... Different options are better suited to different products.

How does it benefit Livingcap's cosmetic packaging?

Mixcycling promotes a new bio-economy model by creating a community for those who want to develop sustainable products “ad hoc” with sustainable bio-based materials. Many beauty companies are looking for ways to highlight their 'green' credentials so our innovative packaging in combination with Mixcycling's innovative material facilitates brand new opportunities for brands.

Can it be used for other markets?

It can be used for durable products (e.g. automotive, interior design, etc.), food or beverage, or smart components (e.g.: agribusiness, e-devices, etc.) because of its appealing look, suitability for high-level design applications and natural soul. It's also pleasant on the eye, pleasant to touch and especially respectful of our planet.


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