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Mixcycling is collaborating with Forever Bambù Società Benefit, the first Italian organization that coordinates and brings together 29 agricultural companies that, since 2014, has been planting about 200.000 Giant Bamboo plants on over 200 hectares in Italy.

The bamboo forests are cultivated on abandoned agricultural land, according to the principles of organic and symbiotic agriculture, following Forever Bambù’s project of sustainable and circular economy.

Why the Giant Bamboo?

A bamboo forest – when managed according to a particular protocol designed by Forever Bambù – has the ability to produce more oxygen and absorb more than 36 times the CO2 of a forest of the same size: just consider that in the first eight years of life it absorbs over 1000 kg of CO2 that it sequesters in its fibers. Moreover, thanks to the particular characteristics of Giant Bamboo, its cultivation does not require the use of pesticides or constant human intervention. The bamboo trees remain productive for over a century, purifying the air but also the earth. Their roots absorb the harmful substances of the soil and transform them into oxygen.

Mixcycling has developed a new blend using the fibers provided by the Forever Bambù supply chain and proposed it to us to create new sustainable packaging lines for cosmetics and fragrances. Needless to say, our R&D department immediately started testing the potential of this new material, with truly satisfying results.

And so, after a few months of planning and testing, we can finally introduce our new SWEET HOME BAMBOO line. A collection of closures and accessories for home fragrances made of Mixcycling Bamboo: an innovative sustainable material, with a natural look and excellent ability to preserve the scent of the home fragrance.

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