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When it comes to packaging, we focus on materials, shape, performance and costs.

At Livingcap these dimensions are part of a broader vision, framed as a real IMPACKT EXPERIENCE, because every luxury packaging project must be conceived, right from the start, according to the impact it can generate - including the impact on the brand image, consumer perception, sales and on the planet.

It is this approach that strongly differentiates Livingcap, a company specialized in the production of sustainable packs for the cosmetic, food and interior design worlds, that makes its own dedication to research in the field of natural and polymeric materials its distinctive trait.


Livingcap comprises a mix of creative, competitive, daring people as a team that is ready to give; experienced in the formation of projects that guarantee a real competitive advantage thanks to the company's agile and proactive working method.

Why make such a strong promise?

Because Livingcap deals directly with the entire project cycle:

  • support in planning and design from the very beginning concept
  • feasibility analysis, research into sustainable materials and the most suitable technologies for implementation
  • creation of the prototype, revision and realization of the mold for production
  • putting the product into production
  • support for the customer's marketing / communication department to enhance the information that makes the project newsworthy

Do you have a packaging concept that you want to explore further? At Livingcap, we can help you realize your product.

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