Mixy: The little refillable jar

Mixy is our little sustainable jar for cosmetics that communicates a great message: A love for beauty, design and especially the planet.

Mixy is a perfect example of CIRCULAR DESIGN! Made of Lignum, a Mixcycling® material that gives a second life to scraps of our turned FSC wood.

These wooden chips, which otherwise would be discarded, become a precious dress for Mixy, a natural soul which makes it unique, and its recycled fibers represent a real treasure of sustainability.

Thanks to this organic component, Mixy drastically reduces the use of non-renewable resources and CO2 emissions.

Create your own Mixy

To customize your Mixy jar, choose

  • the shape of the cap
  • the color
  • the logo

With the right combination of shape, color and logo, Mixy will communicate the personality of your brand and the naturalness of your product.

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