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Livingcap becomes a benefit company!

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Livingcap has become a Benefit Company! But what does this mean?

Plain speaking —as we like it— it means that Livingcap is committed to acting concretely for the common benefit in different fields.

As well as carrying on our respectful attitude towards the environment by choosing low-impact materials for our projects and collaborating with partners that share our philosophy and values, we are planning many more initiatives!

For example, we are thinking of what we could do to benefit our beautiful location, Breganze, and its scenic hills — there are so many green areas and itineraries to improve and valorize!

We also wish to act concretely to benefit the schools in our town. We want to help local students get in touch with the world of work by sharing our experiences, offering the opportunity of internships and supporting the teachers.

Last but not least we will take care of our precious team. We will ensure that our workplace is a sustainable and positive environment, where team members have the opportunity to develop their potential and put themselves in the game.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress!

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