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Brush up on the best packaging for dog dental products

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Current demand and continued growth are demonstrating how "pet parents" are caring for their "furbabies" like never before. To accomplish this, consumers are purchasing quite a range of products for their pets, including a variety of dog dental products.

Such products require thoughtful packaging, so if you are in the pet product business, get to know your many options and how you can stay innovative.

No Need to Sit Up and Beg for Innovative Packaging

We have all the packaging you need for dog dental products and our experience has shown us how dog dental products are a particularly diverse product set. Some products are modeled after products humans use themselves, some are specific to canines, and others are a mix. In every case, manufacturers benefit most when they have a solution with a practical and aesthetic fit.

At MJS Packaging, we are helping pet product businesses find the best solution for their dog dental products. This includes elements like package type, design, dispensation, and labels. Check out our examples and get in touch with one of our packaging specialists to get the detailed packaging solutions that are a match for your product and in tune with trends in consumer demand.

Packaging for Dog Dental Products

To match the many dog dental products coming to market, manufacturers have more packaging options than ever before. Whether you are an established company or one of the many new companies in the pet and pet organics industry, we can help with stock and custom options for all types of dog dental care products (and products for other pets, too).


People enjoy flexible packaging because it has many advantages. Pouches are a particularly popular choice for dental treats and chews. They are convenient, easily scaled to different sizes, and can be produced with a recloseable seal. These qualities make them a good fit for pet-owners and pets alike.

When choosing your product packaging, also consider the benefits it gives you as a manufacturer. Pouches provide a great example of this as they consistently provide manufacturing efficiencies, cost efficiencies, eco-friendliness, and competitive edges like shelf appeal.


Tubes are common when it comes to toothpaste for humans, but dog toothpaste packaging can vary. Since tubes come with many benefits common to flexible packaging, we strongly recommend them.

Additionally, there are many options for tube materials, caps, decoration, design, and labeling. With all the possibilities, our packaging specialists will enjoy helping you stand out to consumers.

PET or HDPE Cylinders and Oval Bottles

PET packaging may be great for your pet product packaging, but you can also consider HDPE. Your choice in packaging materials will largely depend upon what you are packaging, but we can help with any questions you have.

You can choose from a number of stock and custom options with both PET and HDPE cylinders and oval bottles. They are great for dental sprays and rinses and can be complete with a number of great dispensing caps or fingertip sprayers.

Bring Your Pet Product Project to MJS Packaging

Pet owners no longer toss their dog a treat with only the hope it will help their dental health and halitosis. Today's consumers are much more choosey when it comes to their furry family members.

Your brand can set the right tone with its packaging. Contact us so you have the right experience and resources for your product.

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