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As each new generation enters into the consumer spotlight, new challenges and opportunities arise for brands. By sheer numbers, millennials have overtaken baby boomers to become the largest generation.

With the millennial population having risen to 92 million people, this generation now represents a consumer base with over $600 billion in annual purchases. Due to their immense buying power, it’s no wonder millennials are a key target consumer for many brands.

How are Millennials Spending Their Time?

The average millennial spends 18 hours per day consuming media content. These interactions take place across multiple platforms; sending snaps while scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – all at the same time. The millennial generation’s attention span has reportedly diminished down to about 5 seconds due to constant picture scrolling, watching videos, and being served ads at every corner.

Now, this diminished attention span doesn’t mean that the millennial generation is less intelligent. They’re simply being bombarded with constant content and have become extremely selective in choosing what gets their attention. This means that product packaging must grab their attention quickly, provide relevant information about the product, and do it with better packaging design than the competition.

Top 5 Things That Grab a Millennial’s Attention

1. Emotional Connections & Brand Loyalty
According to a study done by Forbes, 60% of millennials said they are often or always loyal to brands. In fact, they want to develop an emotional connection with the companies they spend their money on.

Things that millennials consider before becoming loyal to a specific brand are:

- What does the brand say about me as an individual?
- Does the brand fit my active lifestyle?
- Can I easily access the brand?
- Are they local?
- Does the brand have a social media presence?
- Once a company has created that emotional connection, millinneals will become extraordinarily loyal.

2. Flexible Packaging
Living in the moment is extremely important to millinnials since they’re always on the go. Because of their active lifestyles, they require products that can easily and practically come along on the next adventure.

Millennials also love great looking pouches and other flexible, well-designed packaging. Looking good and feeling good is always a top priority, next to their lifestyles full of freedom.

3. Digital Packaging
In addition to products that fit active lifestyles, product packaging needs to be engaging. Many companies are taking things a step further and implementing social media strategies that will link to scannable QR codes. By connecting technology to advertising, companies are giving millennials instant access to their campaigns, as well as creating an interactive experience.

According to Mintel, some brands are even linking their QR codes to outlets so they can interact directly with consumers.

4. Authentic, Craft Products
As demands for unique and different products rise, so does the demand for craft products. Millennials are focused on purchasing more local and high-quality products that are labeled as “craft.”

This generation finds it extremely important to support their surrounding communities and would rather give their purchasing power to a smaller business than most big box chains.

In order to try and capitalize on this shift, companies of any size can mimic the craft “look” with great packaging and label design. Still, the challenge is on for large companies and corporations to prove to millennials that they too give back to their communities and make a positive impact in the world.

5. Less Advertising
Since millennials spend so much of their time on social media, many turn to different Facebook Business pages when trying to make decisions. This behavior is taking the place of relying on ads they’ve seen for product and brand information. Millennials are less drawn to advertising than previous generations, which means that product packaging now serves a greater purpose. Great product design will communicating a product's uses, benefits, and nutritional information all in one glance, which is one reason shrink sleeve labeling is gaining steam in popularity.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Change

There are few brands who can afford to miss the mark with millennials since the generation is simply too big and has too much purchasing power to ignore. This means that companies need to meet millennials where they shop and search for new ways to engage and tap into this new generation of consumers.

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