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The Integral Forgotten Product

Scoops are often forgotten or considered as an afterthought even though they are an integral part of a product. Just think about how difficult it would be for consumers measure out the appropriate amount of protein powder to make that delicious post-workout shake, their daily dose of coffee, or even their baby’s formula if the always-elusive scoop (more about built-in scoops later) wasn’t ready and waiting in their product.

Choosing the appropriate scoop for your product can completely impact its functionality and consumers ease of use, no matter your industry. From pharmaceutical and health and wellness products, to infant formula or coffee products, scoops are an integral piece that should not be forgotten.

Scoops 101

1. What are scoops made of?

The most common material used to produce scoops is polypropylene plastic (PP). Polypropylene is food-safe and does not leach harmful toxins into foods or liquids. This is essential, since most scoops handle food or liquids.

Polypropylene plastic is also recyclable, which is an added bonus to the environment and consumers who are eco-savvy.

2. Are there different color options?

MJS Packaging stocks scoops in a variety of colors, giving you the option to reinforce your brand, or to make a scoop stand out from the product. Scoops come in several different colors:

  • Clear
  • White
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Red

You can also customize scoops with the color of your choice!

3. What are my sizing options?

MJS Packaging scoops come in all shapes and sizes, from small .55cc scoops to gallon-sized scoops and everything in between. Some scoops are even double-ended, with two scoops of different sizes on each end.

To view a sample of our scoop inventory, please visit the MJS Packaging website!

Scoopie Ⓡ

The Scoopie Ⓡ provides a portable way to avoid the mess when pouring powders into a container whether you’re on the go or around the home. Simply scoop, then close the funneled top, and pour the product into your container.

The ScoopieⓇ is perfect for:

  • Cooking Ingredients
  • Pre-Workouts/Aminos
  • Baby Formula
  • Protein Powder

Built-In Scoops

Looking for a way for the scoop to be instantly found upon opening the package? Then consider a lid that accommodates a clamped-in scoop. MJS Packaging will work with you to determine the exact scoop size for your product. Take functionality and ease of use to the next level by offering consumers no mess and no fuss.

Choose MJS Packaging for All Your Scoop Needs!

Need measuring cups that will deliver precise product measurements, as well as last for a life of your product? MJS Packaging can provide you with the ideal match.

Learn more about the MJS Packaging advantage today by giving us a call. We are ready to be your preferred packaging partner!

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